A writer, digital marketer, and idea translator.


Lauren Chanel Allen (sometimes known as Michelle Huxtable) is a little Michelle Obama, a little Claire Huxtable. She thinks this description from a decade ago is corny now but the nickname has a special place in her heart and people won’t stop calling her Michelle or Hux. 

She enjoys disproving false dichotomies. She likes Pac and Pachelbel, Clockers and cylons, Ray Charles and Rihanna, politics and PlayStation, alcohol and academia, obsessively overusing Oxford commas, and apparently alliteration.

When she's not playing video games or having an existential crisis you can find Lauren Chanel doing digital marketing and writing essays, books, TV shows, that kinda stuff.  She likes talking about political psychology, race, ethnicity, quantum mechanics, memes, and rap. She's from Virginia, where there's nothing to do but cook, and her parents are from Compton, a fact she likes to tout whenever beneficial.

She recently moved from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles and is pretty excited about this chapter of her life. 




You can reach Lauren Chanel on social media if you really feel the need to. But she's an introvert, so... There's that.