That Time Howard University Called the Cops on Me

Today, August 14th, 2015 around 2pm I went to Howard University’s Financial Aid Office to get an account balance error fixed so that I could register for my fourth year of classes in my PhD program. The task of cleaning my account should be simple enough. It happens a lot at Howard (and probably other places but I can only speak to my experience). Last year a mysterious $10,000 balance appeared and I went to FinAid and they removed it, no problem. I remember that unexpected victory because I took a picture that day and posted it to instagram.


This year, ~$3,000 mysteriously appeared on my account. After three weeks of going in person, being hung up on by offices they told me to contact, and emailing individuals who never responded, I was understandably frustrated.

I walked in today and spoke with Mr. Harbin. Or at least I think that’s his name. He’s never had the cordial professionalism it takes to offer your name. But we speculate, I guess. Mr. Harbin seems to operate on the “we don’t give no fucks, yeah” motto popularized by rapsinger Future. Once, while speaking to him about financial aid, he banged out a beat on his desk like this was a high school cafeteria and the Clipse’s “Grindin’” had just came out.

Childish. But I moved on. Bigger problems in life.

A year later, today’s incident isn’t something I could just move past. Today’s incident makes me want to leave Howard University completely. Not even transfer. I just want to quit. I’ll explain why in a minute.

Here is a paraphrased summary of events:

Harbin: Yeah nobody here can help you, so you’ll have to leave.
Me: I cannot leave here today without registering for class.
Harbin: Well, I can call security.
Me: …okay?

Students and parents in the office looked on in absolute shock. The girl next to me asked what was going on and in response just said, “Wow”. Someone’s mom had to come speak on my behalf when at one point, I broke down.

Why? Look.

It was comical at first that this guy behind a desk called the cops on a 5’2” nerdy student. But once campus police arrived, I lost my cool. I cried.

I cried because I went to Ferguson last summer when police murdered Michael Brown. I went and protested and left unscathed. I protested at the White House this year after Rekiya Boyd and Eric Garner were murdered by police who received no punishment. No cop trouble. Yet when I went to register at Howard, police were called.

I chose Howard University because of the mission statement. I chose to be there. Not that these details should matter, because a student is a student and should be treated with much more respect and compassion than I was given regardless, but for Howard University to allow financial aid to criminalize a student who just wanted to register for class and achieve some semblance of Black Excellence is tragic.

But also, and most embarrassingly?

Two decades of rule following and working diligently and I got criminalized within 10 minutes of our conversation. But that shouldn’t matter. I’m a pretty “woke” person. I know I’m not safe in America. I know cops are killing Black people without consequence. I know that. But this was different. It was a Friday afternoon in the financial aid office at my Historically Black University and I was just a doctoral student trying to register for class. My mind was nowhere near the reality of the world outside those University walls.

Radicalization – the process of causing someone to become an advocate of radical political or social reform

As “woke” as I thought I was, it appears as though I still had some respectability politics in me. I sat in that office pleading with this guy offering the fact that I’m a 25-year-old doctoral student, hoping he’d be so amazed he’d stop being awful. He didn’t stop. And as odd as it sounds,  I’m glad. Because that got that last little “treat me like a human because I’m achieving in life” out of me. Treat me like a human, because I’m human. Forget my CV or resume.

Nothing I do can stop me from being killed by cops. Everyone from Sandra Bland to John Crawford to Tamir Rice can attest to that.

And now I know there’s nothing I can do to stop even being criminalized. Even attending an HBCU didn’t help that.

So I might as well go all out and fight the system. Black, White, or blue. Everyone can get it. I held back a tiny bit before, but no more.

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  1. While I have never been arrested, your experience at Howard reflects my experience EVERY time I attempt to interact with somone on behalf of my son. I literally dread going there but almost always have to because they refused to talk to him. The advisors are unbelievably stereotypical. I have moved from angry to deeply embarrassed by the institutionalized disrespect on that campus.

    1. I am going through this exact frustration right now and for the past year since my sons been at Howard. It is unbelievable that such disrespect and unprofessionalism exists at such a respected HBCU! I never would’ve dreamed of having some of the conversations between financial aid administration. I too have been tempted to show up to Howard and embrace the office with the same respect they have shown to myself and my son! My husband and I have deep concerns and are contemplating removing our son from such an unhealthy environment. Thanks for telling your story, it will waken many who have and are still going through similar incidents.

  2. I too feel embarrassed but also feel a need to be vigilant about how my daughter is treated post this miscarriage of university system support. Here’s the thing, although I am a strong believer in letting Hux fight her own battles, do not misinterprete that to mean I will standby and let her be disrespected, demeaned, bullied, or mentally or physically abused, especially by Howard University’s administrative support staff! Although my fraternal legacy is inextricably embedded in the soil of this University, today it has come very close to losing the trust of this parent and has likely positioned itself to become the example to every other HBCU parent, family member or loved one that our once stalwart historically black institutions cannot be trusted to value, protect and educate even those who want to be educated. There was a time that HBCUs could cry foul that mainstream institutions systematically cherry picked the black community’s brightest minds and best athletic talent. But has today symbolically tore the veil and has exposed something more tragic than that? Perhaps Howard University and other HBCUs that behave in this manner aren’t at all interested in attracting that caliber of students. Perhaps we are too quick to defend these institutions when the funding streams dry up and research and capital improvement dollars are sent in another direction? Perhaps, in this presidential election cycle there exists an opportunity to make it possible for every student that wants a post-secondary education can receive funding that makes it possible to bypass institutions that has lost its way. Howard University, all eyes are on you and you aren’t too big to fail!

    Ricky D. Allen

    1. Where is the petition site? I’m trying to sign up for you? I need him gone and I need Howard to change the policies that allowed him to be there – and that allowed you to be escorted out after having paid to be there. This is a no. Where is the site, baby girl? It should take a nation of millions to hold us back – not one asshole with a phone and no conscience. Let’s have that site.

    2. I am going through this exact frustration right now and for the past year since my sons been at Howard. It is unbelievable that such disrespect and unprofessionalism exists at such a respected HBCU! I never would’ve dreamed of having some of the conversations between financial aid administration. I too have been tempted to show up to Howard and embrace the office with the same respect they have shown to myself and my son! My husband and I have deep concerns and are contemplating removing our son from such an unhealthy environment. Thanks for telling your story, it will waken many who have and are still going through similar incidents.
      My heart breaks just thinking about the children attending that will fall through the cracks from not having a voice!

  3. He should be fired ! Every child’s parent should protest embarrass or whatever needs to be done to force correction. A blacklivesmatter protest in front of administration of a HBCU would do just that. We should not be abused by anyone especially our own.

    1. Your suggestion is awesome…From a former student who has had similar experiences, I think that would make a profound statement.

  4. I experienced this same callus, disrespectful, condescending behavior at my own university. It is a terribly embarrassing feeling to be placed on displayed for a financial struggle, or better yet, a clerical error on the I university’s part. Fortunately enough for me, campus police was never called on me, but I made sure that I spoke with someone that could make a difference- the head of the Financial Aid department. Usually the rudest people that we encounter have the least amount of power. Stay strong and vigilant young lady, do not be deterred by someone else’s ignorance and unappreciation of higher education.


    I experienced this same callus, disrespectful, and condescending behavior at my own university. It is a terribly embarrassing feeling to be placed on display for a financial struggle, or better yet, a clerical error on the university’s part. Fortunately enough for me, campus police was never called on me, but I made sure that I spoke with someone that could actually make a difference- the head of the Financial Aid department. Usually the rudest people that we encounter, have the least amount of power. Stay strong and vigilant young lady, do not be deterred by someone else’s ignorance and unappreciation of higher education.

  6. This disgusts me to think these shenanigans still occur at my beloved Alma Mater. Where was a supervisor? Was he the only person working? Did you go to the President’s office at least?

  7. Ridiculous and I stand behind you ! Report his name. Howard’s administration is awful! I was warned abouy the A building by a guide nice counselor in high school. Incredibly ridiculous and I’ve had my fair share with the financial aid depart but it doesn’t compare to your troubles. Could it be jealousy? Document everything!

  8. This callous treatment of students is too common an occurrence at many HBCUs. We are so used to dealing with it, I’d argue that in some ways we’ve come to expect and accept it. There needs to be an overhaul of student services at these institutions, a shift toward customer service is needed. Students are literally going into debt, spending thousands to be treated like a nuisance at best. Nowhere else can you perform your job so poorly and maintain employment smh.

  9. This person deserves a harsh rebuke and maybe should be removed from that position all together. Dr. Frederick needs to know about this and immediately. This goes beyond anything I have ever witnessed.

    1. Trust Dr.Frederick is fully aware of what’s going on in the Financial Aid office. Since the executive director and dr Frederick went to HU together they are all in cahoots with one another!

  10. I salute u sister. Protest on the front steps of the Admin building. I would with you if I was still living in DC. This is why Howard Alumni support and endowment donations have dwindled over the last 40 years. I am a Howard grad, and every time someone ask about my experience in hopes of me engourging thier child to attend. My answer is, and will always be. “Choose another School”. Always!

  11. I applied to and got accepted to Howard in 2012 for undergrad. After not being able to log in with the supplied bison net id (not sure what it was called at this point) to review my financial aid packet and after numerous calls and emails that went unanswered, I decided not to attended. The one reply i got was to try the user id and password I received in the mail again. Do they think I tried it once and said “welp lets waste two weeks asking for help.”

    Coincidentally around that time, twitter made me aware of a student that was kicked out of their dorm room in the middle of the night due to unpaid bill. Middle of the night, with no where to go. Howard does not care about anyone.

  12. Without knowing the full extent of the facts, I do know this: This should not be happening. I am hoping HR takes note of this and schedules both customer service, sensitivity and cultural competency training for all the staff, with particular focus on staff in financial aid dealing with such a sensitive issue with parents and students. Those students who have financial aid issues should not be shamed or dismissed while they are in the process of resolving their issues. I am appalled that in 2015, this nonsense is still going on. If the employees hired by MY alma mater cannot have the best interest of helping the students as the premise of their employment and performance, then they DO NOT deserve the privilege of being employed by Howard University. I suggest you find out who he reports to and who the head of his department is, write a letter to Human Resources, and a letter to President Wayne Frederick. This has to stop if Howard is to become the premiere university that we all knew and want it to continue to be. I’m so sorry this student had to experience any of this.

    1. Please note that some of these departments have be outsourced and are filled by contract employees. I do not know if this is the case with Financial Aid. Nevertheless, your recommendations are most appropriate.

    2. Unfortunately, there are issues everywhere, from the financial aid office, to student services, veterans rep office, housing and all the way to the bookstore… they don’t discriminate, all students, paying and/or receiving financial aid are receiving the same mistreatment. My concern is for the ones whose parents or guardians are not able to advocate, when needed. I have sat back on numerous occasions beginning with applying to HU, and let our student handle her business, but I’ve had to step in on numerous occasions since applying/ acceptance and have seen first hand, the utter dysfunction. I was in complete shock and appauld when I attended the new student orientation and had to sit in those dirty chairs and a room that definately needs to be renovated. Now I know why their were no public tours of the dorms, when asked…. Even the new dorms are not being cared for and repairs made in a timely manner. Why aren’t there enough books in the book store, to allow a smooth transtion into class? Because, not all professors are providing the bookstore with the books their students will need, and can do so as early as April for the fall classes. Only the strong-willed and priviledged may survive at this place. For the students that are taking a stand, I applaud everyone of their efforts and pray that there efforts will make a diiference for them and those to follow. What is up with all the disabled links and old websites, how is anyone to know if there email messages/ actions are going where they intend for it to go. HU needs an overhaul, and maybe Obama’s Administation saw a need to cut funding because he has more insight than we. My student, sees staff that don’t want to be accountable and have no desire to do their job. I have not heard any complaints about the classroom and professors, other than no ac, books not being ordered, and sure the facilities could use some sprucing up.

  13. Unacceptable behavior. There is a time for protest and a time for acction. His behavior in this situation needs to be dealt with immediately. Send more details and i will deal with it. Congowrath@gmail.com Some things at howard never change. Smh

  14. I wish I could console you or assure you that things will get better but I cannot. Administration is QUICKLY changing and those individuals who make HBCUs what they are–a safe haven for blacks to not only learn and embrace their culture/heritage but to be treated like family as opposed to strangers. It’s a sad reality and you’d think the institution you’ve been dishing out thousands to could give you just a little respect . I wish everyone; undergrad, law, medical, masters, and PhD could read this to understand that Howard is NOT what it used to be. It’s sad and if this continues people will ultimately stop attending the university.

  15. I graduated from Howard in 1995 and this was the way we were treated back then. They WILL never get a penny from me as a past student. The folks in the A building are all callous and are not fit to deal with humans. Don’t let this go young lady.

  16. As an alum I want you to know that we are not only talking about this but attempting to put action behind it as well. I’ve written a letter to the VP or HR carrolyn.bostick@howard.edu asking her to address this incident immediately. I’m very sorry and upset to hear of your experience. My hope is that, as much anguish as you have felt surrounding this via the administration’s total disrespect and overreaction, that you will also feel support from other Bison and will be able to see that as a valuable reason to continue your education at HU. I encourage other students and alum to speak out and up if you are mistreated or your fellow Bison.

    1. As an alum, parent of a former student and former employee, I regret your unfortunate experience. Please take this opportunity to address your circumstances with the senior administration. They must address the pervasive lack of professionalism that continues to plague Howard. The customer interface must be skilled in procedures and conflict resolution. My daughter left with a bitter disposition toward the university. Internally or externally it is difficult to sway the dysfunction. The well-written communications pale in the face of actual experiences; I’m hopeful this will someday change. Your grossly mishandled situation may be the start.

  17. Wow, absolutely nothing has changed at Howard. It never got to the point of calling the cops, but everything described has happened to me. When I thought it was all over, one of my classes ‘disappeared’ from my transcript in my final semester. By that time I knew to go straight to the top with any issues.
    Stay strong Michelle.

  18. This guy acting like a clown has nothing to do with your misguided statements about the police. If it was really open season on blacks as you seem to believe, I’m fairly certain your trips to Ferguson and the White House probably would have gone a lot differently.

    “Nothing I do can stop me from being killed by cops…” You can start by being a law abiding citizen and not acting like a jack wagon if you happen to be contacted by the police.

    Again, sounds like your situation sucks but one has nothing to do with the other.

    1. JT I believe her mention of the police was to illustrate that she would have expected such mistreatment from her involvement in protest against police violence, not in a place where she would have expected support and a simple and quick resolution to a clerical error committed on the part of the institution.

      Yes, I too, wondered what one had to do with the other when I was reading, but I had to step back, and take the time to give greater thought to what she was actually saying. You should have done the same before being quick to offer up your condescending opinion!

      Law abiding or not, I’m sure you would consider yourself to be a law abiding citizen, yet I’m sure you have comitted minor traffic violations! Would you still feel the same if you were pulled over, and then beaten to a pulp, or worse killed because you didn’t move quick enough, or the officer thought the phone you were holding in your hand was a weapon!

      All too often, law abiding citizens, such as yourself, such as myself, and countless others, who committed minor infractions, have had situations escalated to violence by misguided police who exercised poor judgment when making a routine traffic stop, for example!

      After the tragic incident with my soror, Sandra Bland, the thought keeps racing through my mind if the same thing would happen to me if an officer pulls me over because I have a taillight out that I was unaware of, and he escalates or manipulated the situation in a direction that gives him a “justifiable” reason in his warped little mind, and in the minds of many others, such as yourself, to shoot me dead because I’ve now been put in a situation that made it appear that I was resisting arrest! Please take a step back and rethink your position!

  19. Oh and by the way after showing my fiancee this article he recognized the same man in the Twitter pictures as being the one the gave him the wrong information after messing up his records and when my fiancee asked this gentleman for his name he REFUSED to give it. After going to his superior this man LIED in front of her saying he had nothing to do with it and did nothing wrong. WHY DOES THIS MAN STILL HAVE A JOB HERE!?! come on people like him are a crucial part of the reason why HBCUs are failing! Wake up HBCUs and hire people that live up to your mission statements and respect the students that are keeping your campus thriving or else your mission statements will continue to be a joke.

  20. Wow! Wasn’t expecting to cry so early in the morning. My sister just sent me this article. We both attended Howard University many moons ago. Reading this article I couldn’t stop the tears, because I had a similar experience at Howard. Cops weren’t called, but I was mistreated by people in the financial aid dept. and, unfortunately I let those experiences cause me to leave. Please keep fighting! NEVER GIVE UP!

  21. I am so sorry this happened to you. Please share your experience and these thoughts with the office of the President. Howard can and should be the mecca for treating our people with the highest respect.

  22. I am applying to work at Howard today just because of this article. I have never wanted to work specifically at an HBCU however I work for a HSI and I treat every student I come across like the hope and promise of the future they are. I am mortified that a school specifically designed to care for the education of young people of color cannot find people who embrace that very simple premise. The future is in the hands of this young lady and those like her…how dare you disrespect her!!! Michelle, don’t you DARE quit that PhD. Get there despite them.

  23. Please, please, get yourself an attorney and file a formal complaint of abuse. Write down all the events and things that were said in your encounter with this gentleman. HBCUs need to understand that they are vulnerable to losing federal funds if the very black students they are supposed to serve cannot be treated with respect in that environment. Make this gentleman accountable for his actions. Do not allow him to deter you from completing your program.

  24. Now imagine how many stories like this are still untold? Something smells fishy to me and that’s an understatement.

  25. As a 2014 graduate, I have acted an utter complete FOOL in the financial aid office and this NEVER happened. And when I say fool, please believe me I mean it literally. That $10,000 bill always appears on accounts for some odd reason. It’s really simple to remove and it usually takes seconds. I cannot believe whoever Mr. Hardin or whatever his name is reacted in such a way. I’ve never been hung up by Financial Aid etc no matter how frustrated they made me. I will go through my email and repost some contacts in the office that you should reach out to who have sense and will be able to help you. Best of luck.

  26. Some of the professional/non professional staff/employees truly are unapproachable/ customer service @ HU and need to be thoroughly screened. Although there are some good ones but the bad ones are more in number. The attitude of the staff at the financial aid office is horrible whether you call on the phone or go there in person. But to go there to create a scene because you are obtaining your phd is not the best either. I am a nurse Practitioner and obtained my master’s degree in nursing from there and of course was not satisfied with my experience but I did not create a scene. One of my kids refused to accept their admission offer but accepted admission to a university dominated by whites, our experiences were world apart. We the blacks need to watch our attitude towards others because it is beginning to hunt us.

    1. I don’t believe Hux went there to create a scene and your comment reeks of respectability politics. We all know that won’t save us. Telling “we the blacks” to watch their attitude is wild inappropriate.

  27. When I was a high school senior, eager to find out if I had been accepted to Howard or not. The deadline had come and gone and I hadn’t received an acceptance letter yet, so I emailed someone in admissions, I got an email back that said “you in”, that was it. I should have know something was wrong then.

    I can’t tell you how many times I got the run around, could not register for classes, and cried myself to sleep behind Howard’s administration practices. I’ve been called a B***h by am employee working the front desk in my dorm, then I had to work community service in the mailroom to keep my housing.

    There was a $8,000 charge to my account for a semester of classes I supposedly registered for AFTER graduation. I couldn’t resolve the matter with Howard, they refused to send my degree, and on top of that it appeared as a collection on my credit report until I had it removed.

    There were so many run ends with the administration every semester over housing, financial aid, registration, advising, etc. You really start to think “do they hate us (students), do they want us to succeed?

    However years after graduating, I’ve come to appreciate the role they played in my success. By the time you are done with financial aid, resident life, registering for classes, you can literally do ANY and ALL things. You learn not to take no for an answer, to go through the back door, to rough it out when you’ve been wronged, if you can survive Howard you can survive anywhere.

  28. Take your concerns directly to the dean at your school. You don’t deserve that sort of treatment. At the end of the day you’re in the real world & this will prepare you for other obstacles. You will be victorious!! Stay focused & stay at Howard!

  29. I hope sincerely that you are recovering from this as well as possible. You didn’t deserve it for your reasonable demand of accounting accountability from HU – or any U. I’m sorry this happened to you. I hope that you can move forward in your determination and your life to the work that you want to do and accomplish sooner rather than later.

  30. Update? Is the guy still employed there? If I were his boss, he would have been immediately released. You simply DO NOT treat people like that….ESPECIALLY a student – without the students there is no HU. For the life of me, I can’t understand why people lose their minds and act like complete nuts after they’ve gotten a little comfortable on the job. EVERYONE can be replaced. If this hasn’t been addressed by administration, I will be very disappointed. There is no way he should be interacting with the public.

  31. …an all too familiar story of student mistreatment. Some of the students are feeling discouraged to the point of wanting to stop attending. As a parent, it is my duty to keep encouraging my daughter to finish what she has set out to do, regardless of the obstacles that she’s currently facing. I like Brittney’s approach that it makes you a stronger person.

    My daughter was not allowed to check into her dorm after her flight arrived late. She was told that it would not be a problem, but then was not allowed to check in when she arrived. I complained, received an apology, but when my daughter went to receive her “personal apology” she was told that Ms. Heard said that she would have to come back another time.

    Please allow me to start by giving you an apology for the way and matter, in which, ___ was treated on last evening. I will ensure that I speak with Mr. Bowman regarding his approach/tone and further direct him on the matter of Customer Service. Please have ____ visit me in my office on Monday and I will give her a personal apology, as well.

    Cole N Heard, Area Manager
    College Hall at Howard University
    2205 4th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20059
    888-600-4660 (o)
    202-315-0415 (f)

    Ms. Heard,
    I am emailing to express my disappointment in the way things were handled last night when my daughter, ___, attempted to check into her dorm room. ____left ___yesterday on a flight that connected in Chicago and was scheduled to arrive at Reagan airport at 5:55 p.m. ____called to make sure that she could check in after 6 p.m., and was told that it would not be a problem.
    When she arrived in Chicago at approximately 1:20 p.m., it was announced that her flight would be delayed and that she would arrive in DC at approximately 7 p.m. Again, she notified the staff that her flight was delayed and she was now scheduled to arrive after 7 p.m., and again, she was advised that it would not be a problem. The airline announced that there was yet another delay and that flight no. ___ would not arrive in DC until after 9 p.m.

    ___’s flight landed at the DCA airport at approximately 9:07 p.m. She immediately took the Supershuttle to the dorm. Upon arrival, she was advised by the RA that she would not be able to check in as it was past check in time. She explained that her flight was delayed and that she had notified staff of the delays. The RA contacted the GA, Mr. Bowman, to get approval for her to check in. ___ said that Mr. Bowman arrived to talked to them (___ and another student who was on the same flight). She said that his tone was very sarcastic and rude, and that he ultimately stated that it was their own fault that they could not check in and that they needed to “do better.” Moreover, he stated that they weren’t owning up and taking responsibility for their part in it, and that Howard is “running a business.”

    Ms. Heard, I am in ____. It is very disheartening and fearful to know that my daughter is in a strange city that is known for crime, with no family, and no place to go. We ended up getting her a room at a hotel. This was not a case of procrastination. This was something that was out of her control. We have no control over the airlines and their delays. I can provide proof of the airline delays. But, for my daughter to be told that it was her own fault that she could not check in and that she was not being responsible is absurd and ludicrous. We sent her to that school because it had a reputation of professionalism, integrity, and character. As a parent, it does not put me at ease that the university has my daughter’s safety in their best interest.

  32. My son is a high school senior in a well known suburb of Northern NJ. We visited Howard, the “Harvard of HBCU”, the summer of 2014 and was rather disappointed. I would never discourage a child of mine that wants to attend a HBCU, but the admissions requirements at Howard is far from rigorous or “selective” in todays terms. For that reason, “we are out”. Learning about this is rather disturbing and I am not sure putting students through hoops is preparing them for lessons in life. Respect, integrity, fairness and professionalism, should always be the standard of practice at any college or university. I am glad my son did not push the envelop to apply to this particular university because after reading these posts and talking with others in regards to their financial aide experience, etc, it would have been a challenge for me to write the check and to feel good about it at the end of the day! I hope HU improves it’s imagine and not tarnish their rich history.

  33. I have to say if Howard university is considered the “Harvard of HBCU’s” something is really wrong.

    I worked for a few years doing electrical upgrades to many different buildings on the campus. I was astounded at the corruption,rudeness, laziness of the employees, dysfunction, filthy conditions, and downright reverse racism. Yes, I’m white.

    By far the worst was the hospital. One stand out was having the “privilege” of working in the morgue. Never in my life have I witnessed such unsanitary conditions. Your neighborhood butchers shop is cleaner! I saw things that10yrs later I can’t unsee. There is no excuse for chunks of dried human meat caked on the ceiling above a bandsaw! BTW, this was in the HIV section of the morgue!

    I’m not writing this as a racist rant. I’m just stating that there is a systemic dysfunction that seems to run rampant at Howard. I’ve been back several times for work and its the same. A serious shake up is in order.

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